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Rocket Content is uniquely qualified to provide your technical writing for CPD Guides and presentations. 

We are a QMS Partner with the CPD Certification Service. This means that we can also accredit your Guide under the Construction CPD Scheme - all in one easy step.

No other content provider in our sector can offer that service.


As well as helping you to produce accredited White Papers and Guides, Rocket Content can also provide you with the content and presenter notes for a unique presentation.

Added to CPD Accreditation for your presentation, you will have a highly attractive way to connect with professional audiences in the building services and construction sectors. 

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Multi-award winner

A beginner's guide to indoor air quality written by Rocket Content for Mitsubishi Electric and BESA.

Rocket Content worked with Mitsubishi Electric and BESA to produce this award-winning guide to IAQ for non-technical readers.
The guide is being used to raise awareness of the key issues among the general public and government advisors.

Mitsubishi Electric and BRC Warehousing Guide COVER.png

Following the success of the first guide, the British Retail Consortium and Mitsubishi Electric partnered on a second guide with Rocket Content to focus on carbon reduction in warehouses and logistics centres  as key elements of the UK retail sector.

Hitachi Rethinking Hospitality Guide CPD accredited

Rocket Content wrote this guide for Hitachi Air Conditioning to focus on a vertical market. And as an official CPD Partner, Rocket Content was able to provide CPD Accreditation for this Guide and accompanying presentation.

Guide to buildings as safe havens - IAQ in buildings part 2

This was the second in a series of joint guides between Mitsubishi Electric and BESA. Rocket Content wrote this technical guide for installers and designers with input from Association and manufacturer experts. 

Samsung Guide to heating by Rocket Content

Samsung Climate Solutions asked Rocket Content to write a guide to the future of heating in. 
We wrote the guide along with the copy and script for a presentation - both CPD certified by Rocket Content. 

BRC and Mitsubishi Electric guide to reducing carbon in the retail industry

By producing this guide in partnership with the British Retail Consortium, Mitsubishi Electric was able to provide expert advice to an important market. Rocket Content wrote the guide which is accessible to BRC members.

Baxi Guide to Heating for Schools written by Rocket Content

Rocket Content worked with Baxi Heating to produce this in-depth guide to refurbishment of heating systems for schools. This is now downloadable from the Baxi Heating website - providing valuable insights for the company's customers and market. 

Hitachi Rethinking Offices Guide COVER.png

Rocket Content continued the 'Rethinking..' series for Hitachi Air Conditioning with this look at the changing requirements of UK office tenants, and what's required from building services  in terms of energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions.

Stranded Assets cover.png

This publication from Mitsubishi Electric highlights the challenges for existing buildings as the UK moves to Net Zero. Rocket Content brought its expertise in the built environment and sustainability to write the document.

Mitsubishi Electric Guide to heat recovery written by Rocket Content.

Rocket Content has produced a series of technical guides and white papers for Mitsubishi Electric which have been built into a large library of CPD content for the industry.  Rocket Content also produces the accompanying copy and scripts for presentations - all of which are CPD certified.

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