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Content & Marketing Automation

More marketing and sales teams in construction and building services are harnessing the power of marketing automation software. 


There are several options available including Marketo and SalesForce, but these are only two of about a dozen options.


The power of marketing automation is that it can help marketing, sales and the wider business track potential customers, learn what factors make a sale more likely and use that information to create more success. 


Rocket Content believes that powerful content is vital to make the most of these new marketing tools. The synergy between our content creation services and marketing automation platforms allows us to bring added value to our clients' marketing strategies. 

10 Ways Rocket Content can support your marketing automation.


Enhance lead nurturing

Content can be used within the automation platform to nurture leads.


For instance, sharing well-researched guides or in-depth blog posts at different stages of the customer journey can keep prospects engaged and move them smoothly through the sales funnel.

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