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is key

Features and articles can be used across a range of media - online and offline. This can be useful if you are looking to combine some press work with your digital marketing.


But the key is regular posting - you have to keep putting content out there to build your audience and keep them coming back to read more. 

Reading a Newspaper

Making it easy

Rocket Content has a strong background in writing, so we can put together features, by extracting the technical information from your team to create well-written, authoritative articles.


We can also work with you to produce a series of articles that you can use over a period of time to post online, or to your website

News analysis by Karen Fletcher for MBS magazine.

This feature considers the implications of IT companies moving into the building controls arena - appeared in MBS in November 2019

Feature by Karen Fletcher for Mitsubishi Electric

A look at the importance of good ventilation for wellbeing in buildings - appeared in MBS in early March 2020

Karen Fletcher reviews a book by Charles O'Neil that highlights issues with management training in the construction sector - appeared in MBS in October 2019

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