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Our COVID 19 policies

These are exceptional circumstances and the industry should comply with the latest Government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) at all times. 


We will continue to update the Rocket Content policy according to government guidelines.


They will be discussed with you before we visit your premises so that we can ensure all parties are aware of how things will be done on the day.

In line with Government advice, Rocket Content's team is working from home and we are minimising our on-site visits by using Teams or Zoom. We are always happy to contact you by phone too. 

However, as lockdown regulations lift, we are open to making trips to your office should that be necessary.

Before visiting your premises, Rocket Content will discuss the COVID 19 policies currently in place at your workplace and ensure that we can comply with these as much as possible. For example, if you are temperature-testing your staff, we will comply with such requirements.


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