Our COVID 19 policies


These are exceptional circumstances and the industry should comply with the latest Government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) at all times.


These guidelines are based on the practical application, within a TV production setting, of the latest Public Health England (PHE) guidance and have been adopted by all national television and film companies. We will continue to update the Rocket Content policy according to government guidelines.


They will be discussed with you before we film at your premises so that we can ensure all parties are aware of how things will be done on the day.


1. Your organisation’s COVID 19 policies

Rocket Content will discuss the COVID 19 policies currently in place at your workplace and ensure that we can comply with these as much as possible. For example, if you are temperature-testing your staff, we will comply with such requirements.


2. Before filming – telephone contact

i) Rocket Content likes to ensure that our interviewees for videos are happy with the questions we have put together. These will always be discussed with you before the filming.

At this time, it is particularly important to ensure that all parties are clear on what is going to happen on the day and what is going to be asked.

We would therefore emphasise the importance of a call with you and the member(s) of your team that we will be filming.

We will email you documentation (questions) so that this can be printed at your office to help minimise the touching of shared surfaces.


3. Safety during filming – set-up and recording at a distance

Filming for video blogs will be carried out with the aim of ensuring social distancing rules are adhered to and that there is minimal contact between our team and those being filmed (and our equipment).


i) Our team: We will film with a small team of only two Rocket Content staff members.


ii) When we arrive at your building, we will call our contact and ask that you open any doors so that we can carry our equipment straight to the area where we are filming. We usually ask that this is a quiet office, so this should be kept clear of your staff as we enter and set up our equipment.

At this time, government is also recommending that any space is well ventilated although we realise that this may not always be possible.


iii) We will bring our own refreshments so that we do not have to risk contact with staff in any other areas of the office.


iv) We will set up our equipment so that the camera is at least 2m from the interviewee. We will set up our equipment so that the camera is at least 2m from the interviewee. We use lapel microphones to ensure good sound quality. These are disinfected after each use, and will be handed to the interviewee (in a sealed plastic bag) to fit to their own jacket/shirt. Rocket Content’s team will then attach the microphone to our recording equipment which is on an extension cable to ensure at least 2m distance.


v) We will try to ensure that as interviewees enter the room, our team keeps its distance so that any contact is minimised.


vi) The Rocket Content team will wear masks and gloves. Our equipment is carefully cleaned and disinfected before and after each filming to minimise likelihood of contamination.


Email Charles Keel: charles@rocketcontent.co.uk

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